What Guys Want in a Girlfriend: Five Important Traits

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Published: 20th January 2011
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What do guys want in a girlfriend? The answer should probably start with "Which guys?" but in general, men search for certain qualities in a woman. It is a mystery that women are excited to unravel. Do you want to be the ideal girlfriend? Follow these tips and make your man fall in love with you over and over.

1. Never be clingy.
Men value their independence hence they are driven away by women who tend to box them in. Let your boyfriend go out with his friends. Don't call him every single minute. It may seem sweet at first but when you check up on him too much, it will begin to annoy him. It's normal for you to want to be with him all the time. He's your man. Of course you love his company. But at some point, you have to respect his space. Let him do things on his own and do not get in the way all the time. Show him that you have a life outside your relationship. Don't make your boyfriend the center of your world or he'll feel smothered.

2. Be thoughtful and sweet.
Any guy would swoon over a girl who knows how to charm her way into his heart. Being thoughtful and sweet can definitely make him fall for you more. Despite the stress that he encounters at work, having a sweet girlfriend improves a man's mood. Give him a cuddle or a sweet kiss. Cook him his favorite dish. Comfort him when he's having a bad day. All these will make your boyfriend appreciate you and your relationship more. What do guys want in a girlfriend? Definitely someone who's lovable and sweet.

3. Do not force men to change according to your preferences.
The way he dresses, the way he talks, his hobbies, his personality - never attempt to forcefully change your man. Accept him for who he is. Of course, he's not perfect. His flaws might tick you off sometimes but let him change himself on his own. If he values you, he will try to make things work with you. Tell him what you like and how his ways affect you but do not imply that he has to change himself for you. Let him do it deliberately without you nagging or badgering him.

4. Be straightforward and honest.
Men are not mind readers so don't keep him guessing. Be honest about how you feel and what you want to happen so he could do something to make things better. If you feel bad, say so and explain why. Women have always had this tendency to say one thing but act opposite to what they are saying. When women don't get what they want, they give men the cold shoulder and just expect them to get the message. Men don't exactly dig this.

5. Value the people who matter to him.
Make efforts to get close to his family. Meet his friends and get to know them. What guys want a girlfriend is for her to get along well with his family and friends. What his family says about you matters to him. So make a good impression and make this impression last.

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This article was prepared by members of the Tips What Men Want team led by Thomas Christopher, a Colorado Front Range public speaker.

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