What Men Like in Women -- Tips on How to Attract Your Dream Guy

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Published: 27th January 2011
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It is undeniable that most men are fascinated by women. Women occupy men's fantasies. But what do men like in women exactly? What forces a man to be fascinated by a woman, have a relationship with her and even think of settling down to begin a family together?

Really, what do men want in a woman? Despite what the media seem to say all the time, it's nothing as crude as men like breasts. The visual media only emphasize physical attributes -- that is their specialty, after all -- but it is character and personality that win out.

A huge fraction of men have the tendency to be attracted to women who are self-sufficient. A man does not want to become the center of your existence. Relationships are not the center of a man's existence, so he can't match you. He will like you best if you have an independent life of your own.

Men like to see you making friends. At the start of a relationship, this counts. If you are a woman who is sociable, it becomes an advantage, because you know how to relate to people. He knows that you will be able to forge friendships with other couples or families, typically a wife's function. Men would perceive you as a lifetime-partner material.

Men like women who can discuss books and ideas. Men know that that as they grow old, they need someone whom they can talk to about their thoughts, dreams, and ideas.

Men are intrigued by mysterious women. If you are just starting to date, let him slowly discover interesting things about you. It's like in a story or article: it's the readers' having questions that keep them reading. So don't recite your resume. You'll answer all his questions too soon. He may be interested on your life story, but let him unravel it on his own. Leave some mystery and let him have the excitement of getting to know you more and more. Part of what men like in women is the chance to solve their mystery.

Men like women to play hard to get. Guys love challenges. Never show him that you are too eager. Men like to have relationships with women who are in fact not too desperate. Most men dislike a woman who almost throws herself at him, contrary to the beliefs of some women. Men know that a woman's craving for a relationship can be as impersonal as a man's craving for sex. He wants to know that you are dignified in your own way.

What men especially like in women is for them to be sweet and thoughtful. A man likes to feel that he is cared for. Therefore, you have to do little things as early as now to show that you do care about him. Once in a while, cook him supper and carry out his laundry along with yours without having him ask you. He wants to receive some of your affection. Tell him you miss him or that you are thinking of him. Men are easily drawn by this gesture because it makes them feel special.

Above all, men just need a decent, reliable and trustworthy woman. A man must be able to trust his wife with his life. Men want a woman who they can take care of and enjoy spending time with, and who will take care of and enjoy spending time with them.

Men, just like women, are different in small ways, but now you have some of the major answers to "What do men like in women?" They can be summarized in Kara Oh's phrase, "feminine grace." The answers may not be new to you, but they will serve as a reminder for you to improve yourself and be that woman that men are looking for.


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Thomas Christopher is a Colorado public speaker.

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