Why Does My Boyfriend Look at Other Girls?

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Published: 06th January 2011
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If you have a boyfriend, you might be asking "Why does my boyfriend look at other girls?" You do not need to worry about it. Here's why.

The answer is simple - human nature. Human beings are attracted to other people regardless of whether they are committed or not. You may be head over heels in love with your boyfriend but when you see a hot guy walking in front of you, your head will definitely turn. Men look at attractive women too. As sexual beings, we notice when an attractive person is around. But there's nothing wrong with it.

"Why does my boyfriend look at other girls?" isn't the right question to ask. What you should be concerned about is what your boyfriend does when he looks at other girls. If he's only looking, there's no harm done. But when he starts describing to you why that woman is hot, that's overboard.

You may now be drowning in self doubt as you are starting to blame yourself of why your boyfriend checks out other women. But the truth is that it is not your fault. Men are just men. They look at girls, and that's just it. If your boyfriend really loves you, he won't do anything more than just look. No, you're not gaining weight. You're not losing your attractiveness. Your smile still charms him, and he longs for your hug. Just because you caught him checking out other girls, it doesn't mean he's thinking of dumping you.

Some women feel that it is a form of cheating. Once a woman sees her man eyeing someone else she may ask "Why does my boyfriend look at other girls?" but she is thinking "Why is he being unfaithful?" But he isn't being unfaithful by looking. We're human beings. In some way or another, we have that right to be mesmerized by others too. Whether you are in a relationship or not, appreciating someone else's beauty is never a sin. As long as you respect your limits, then there's no need to feel guilt.

It's inconsiderate for a man to glance at other women while his partner is just beside him, but sometimes it could be an unconscious act. Sometimes men do look at other women without meaning to. But when this happens, you don't have to make it an issue and start picking a fight. Cut your boyfriend some slack. If you happen to catch your boyfriend checking out another chic, it doesn't mean that he doesn't respect you.

Keep your poise and avoid nagging doubts. Just put your emotions behind you and assert yourself that you are beautiful in your own way. This is the best time for you to let your confidence shine and make your man nail his attention to you and nobody else. The next time you start asking yourself "Why does my boyfriend look at other girls?", it could be best answered by "It's normal. He's committed to you, and you don't need to worry about it."


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This article was prepared by members of the Tips What Men Want team led by Thomas Christopher, a Colorado Front Range public speaker.

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